Price List

Material Threads Price List

Reversible Tote Bags     Blue Tag Special         $20.00(blue dots)

Reversible Tote Bags         all others                  priced as marked

Boutique Shop Tote Bags                                     $35.00

Boutique Shop Bag Sets                                       $55.00

Includes; Tote Bag, Small Purse Bag, a Backpack and a Brooch

Small Purses                         $20.00

Back Packs                                 $10.00

Novelty/License Fabric                $12.00

Mini Crossbody Purse                        $15.00

Faux Leather                                       $20.00

Add a Brooch for $5.00 more

Ditty (mini duffle)                         $10.00

Comfort Bags                                $17.00


$3.00 (green dot)

$8.00 (red dot)

$15.00 (yellow dot)

As of 10/1/2018